Our quoting tool is free while in Beta! Try it out!

It only takes a few minutes to start quoting parts right from your site.

Setup an account with Printocracy, input your printers, define your costs, choose your available colors, finishes, shipping options, etc... and with just one javascript tag, render a quoting interface right on your site.

File Format Support

Printocracy currently supports .stl files with plans to support more formats in the future. Feel free to shoot us an email if there's a file format that you want to see supported. We'll make it happen.

Quote Any Material

Though Printocracy supports the vast majority of common materials, your able to make your own custom materials! Feel free to tell us about it so we can include it in upcoming material documentation.

Easily Manage Orders

No more chains of emails, papers and phone calls. See all your orders in one place, prioritize them and check them off one by one. Spend your time producing orders, not managing them

Get Paid

Get paid immediately for orders through your site. We integrate with Stripe to make the process as painless and secure as possible for you and your valued customers.

User Analytics

Learn more about users coming to your site, follow up with users who abandoned their carts and market to return customers. With Printocracy, you will be able to track user behaviors and capitalize on your marketing. (coming soon)

Advanced Quoting

We plan to expand our quoting configurations to include everything from overhead and personnel to square footage and depreciation. There are many factors that affect how you quote and we plan on supporting better accuracy. (coming soon)